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Case studies

When it comes to digital solutions, it's the results that matter. Explore some of our most innovative and award-winning use cases below.


Payroll automation

Payfect using the Lerex platform for payroll automation and payment error reduction.


Crowd funding between relatives

Dant leverage Lerex cutting edge digital payment solution to offer best in class services.


Identity verification made simple

Lerex implemented ID-Pal’s award-winning Identity Verification solution.


Buy now,
pay later

PollenPay is a technology-driven payments company that enables consumers to purchase products on a “buy now, pay later” basis.


Cryptocurrencies with coinmotion

Coinmotion is a cryptocurrency broker handling annual transaction volumes measured in hundreds of millions of Euros.

What our clients say

"... has been very satisfied with the service level and coordination provided by Lerex team during the card scheme preparation process with multiple third parties involved and the easiness of integrating to the Lerex infrastructure"

Joonas J, Head of Business Development, Crypto Currency Broker
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