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Issuing Payment Cards Is Not Just For Banks - Here Are 16 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Its Own Card Programme


Most people think that issuing payment cards (credit, debit cards, etc.) is something that only banks do. But this is far from being the case.


Card issuance is one of the most active and innovative areas in finance and thousands of companies around the world reap many benefits from setting up their own card programmes. Some of these are giant corporations with household names (like McDonald’s) and some are innovative start-ups (like. PollenPay). Most are somewhere in-between.


In this paper we will explain 16 ways in which financial and non-financial companies, early-stage companies and established behemoths, can all benefit from having their own payment card programme.


These ideas are not mutually exclusive; that is, they can often be combined to increase the benefits your company derives from its own card programme.


The list is not exhaustive – reading it will probably help you generate your own ideas about how you could benefit.


If you want to discuss anything on this list or your own ideas, please get in touch.


The ideas discussed in this paper are based on Pre-Paid Payment Cards and the technology behind them. So, before going into the 16 ideas, let’s take a quick a quick look at pre-paid payment cards.


Pre-Paid Cards

For the holder, pre-paid cards work just like a credit or debit cards, except that expenditure is limited to money that has been pre-loaded on the card. Loading can be done instantly and easily through an app, or a connection to another system.


This means pre-paid cards are more secure, convenient and flexible. But they can also be issued and managed much more easily and quickly than credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts.  For these reasons, many people use them in flexible and innovative ways – to  run their own programmes and to integrate with other activities.


Here are 16 ways in which many other companies currently benefit from having their own pre-paid card programmes.


1. Generate New Revenue

The simplest and most straightforward of these 16 ideas is simply to launch your own pre-paid card to generate additional revenue for your company.


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