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Everything you need to bring your e-money product to market




Lerex is an E-money as a Service solution provider with a particular focus on leveraging technology and customer service.

Deliver the next generation payment system to your customers thanks to our advanced e-money technology, including features such as smart payment routing and destination advanced look-up. Our platform is also the first in the world to support money streaming.

More than a technology provider, we handle every aspect of your programme so that you can concentrate on your proposition and customer acquisition.

Provide your customers with:

  • More spending options through Mastercard® physical cards, virtual cards or bank transfer

  • Their unique sort-code, account number, BIC and IBAN

  • FX and international payments

  • A unique solution tailored to them thanks to our flexible and adaptable platform

See a full list of features here.


Our customers range from start-ups to £400m turnover businesses. We work with small and large businesses alike to create the perfect e-money solution and our technology can easily integrate into your existing product(s) thanks to our REST API.

How can we help you bring your idea to market?


Why e-money?

E-money services are a way of moving and storing your customer's money safely, conveniently and transparently.


Here are some of the benefits for you and your customers of the services we can provide:

  • Generate new revenue streams - providing more 'value add' services with minimal additional resource

  • Benefit from better ways to move and spend money globally - better ways to make international payments and benefit from better FX rates

  • Incorporate crypto into your business - or make your cryptocurrency operation more relevant to your customers' everyday life

  • Have greater control on how others spend your money - if you want better control over your employees expenses or want to give your kids a little more financial responsibility

  • Increase your brand awareness - imagine your customers carrying your logo in their wallets and purses and on their phones every day.

All these and many more opportunities are available. Talk to us to find out how or visit  our product page for more details.


Much more than just technology...

Lerex is a programme manager and therefore offers full programme support (click here to find out what a programme manager is), taking your e-money idea from inception to a fully scaled programme:

  • Programme definition & inception

  • Project management of programme onboarding and go-live

  • Day to day operational and compliance support

  • Scaling-up support

Discover more about what our standard operational support can do for you here.

business growth

Client testimonials


Over 90% of our customers would recommend us.

"... has been very satisfied with the service level and coordination provided by Lerex team during the card scheme preparation process with multiple third parties involved and the easiness of integrating to the Lerex infrastructure"

-- Joonas J., Head of Business Development, Crypto-currency Broker

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