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Technology as a Service
Our platform is built around 3 components:​
CORE Platform
  • Handles transactions and core e-wallet features
  • 100% cloud based state of the art technology
  • Build on modern high availability and high scalability design principles
  • No legacy constraints
  • Integration through REST API and/or through our white-labelled front-end
White-labelled Front-end (optional)
  • Available on desktop, as well as mobile apps (Android & iOS)
  • Unique design architecture allowing true multi-channel user experience
  • Benefited from dozens of user testing iterations and user feedback to ensure lowest level of drop-outs
  • Easy to use by any user, tech-savy or not 
Back-office Admin Portal
  • Support portal allowing you to manage your fleet of cards, accounts and users
  • Real-time activity and transaction monitoring
  • Real-time configuration management
core engine
mobile app
admin portal
Standard Operational Support
Our standard operational support ensures your piece of mind in the running of your e-money programme.
Before you go live
  • Programme inception and definition
  • Programme approval management and overall onboarding
  • Onboarding project management with real-time progress status through our support portal
  • Technical support during integration
Once you're live
  • User onboarding, KYC/KYB queries
  • Daily compliance screenings
  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Fraud and chargeback management
  • Compliance queries
  • Level 2 & 3 customer support
  • Level 1 customer support available through our partner

Product Features
We support both consumer and corporate e-money programmes.

Customer onboarding
  • Automated customer onboarding (KYC & KYB)
  • Manual customer onboarding (KYC & KYB)
  • Daily screening against PEP, sanctions and adverse media
  • Onboarding within the UK and the EEA
E-Wallet features
  • Provision of an electronic ledger and e-wallet solution
  • Child (or sub-accounts) wallet & cards
  • Real-time management of fees & limits
  • Ability to apply your own FX margin
  • Send money between users
  • Real-time blocking / unblocking of the card
  • Real-time fined grained management of spend controls, by:
    • Merchant ID​
    • MCC code
    • Transaction description
    • Transaction amount
    • Transaction time
Load features
  • Load e-wallet from debit and credit card
  • Load e-wallet from bank transfer (user push)
  • Load e-wallet from bank transfer (money pull)
  • Load e-wallet from direct debit (DD collections)
  • Load e-wallet with bulk load (from another EMI, for example)
Card features
  • Physical & virtual cards
  • Multiple cards per user
  • Combination of physical & virtual cards per user
  • Multi-currency wallet
  • Multi-currency accounts
Bank transfers
  • SEPA, FasterPayment, CHAPS and Bacs Transfers
  • SWIFT & International payments (including FX)
  • Dedicated sort-code & account number per user
  • Dedicated IBAN & BIC per user
  • Direct debit mandates
  • Money Streaming
Other features
  • Whitelabelled front-end and mobile application
  • Integration with external e-wallets
  • Access to cryptocurrencies
  • Special 'proof of concept' solutions
Some of those features might be restricted based on usage or set-up, please contact us to discuss.
Have a play in our sandbox environment here.
99.99% Availability Guaranteed
Don't just take our word for it, see our stats below (independently monitored and measured by a third party):
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