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ScribePay chooses Lerex for virtual card issuance

Updated: May 16, 2023

ScribePay, a revolutionary subscription management provider, has chosen Lerex Technology for virtual card issuance.

ScribePay helps consumers tame the subscription drain, leaving their fear of missing renewal deadlines and payments behind. Whilst app subscriptions have grown by 17% since 2020, customer complaints on ignored cancellation requests are also growing significantly. ScribePay aims to tackle that issue and give control back to the consumer.

Richard Ney, CEO of Lerex Technology, said: “We loved the ScribePay proposition as soon as we heard it and thought it was a great fit for Lerex. Working with that team even further demonstrates our ability to support early-stage programmes.”

Lerex Technology is a payment provider whose services include prepaid cards, digital accounts solutions and access to payment rails such as Faster Payments and SEPA. In addition, Lerex also offers front-end technology; enabling business payments and challenger banks to come to market quickly and easily.

Ikenna Emenyonu, Co- Founder of ScribePay, said: “It became quickly apparent that we needed a partner who could be flexible both on the solution and on the commercials. Lerex provided that flexibility which is key to our success.”

About ScribePay

ScribePay ( is a new fintech app that helps you manage your subscriptions and payments, to ensure you never forget to make a payment or to renew your subscription.

Did you know that app subscriptions grew 17% in the past year? This means you, like most people, now have a few more apps than you did pre-pandemic

At ScribePay, we are responding to your need for additional management of your finances and your apps.

About Lerex Technology


Lerex Technology was founded as a card company in 2017. In early 2020 the company became a B2B payment solutions provider; supplying full end to end support for corporate clients wishing to go to market with prepaid payment solutions and digital accounts.

Lerex is a great example of a dynamic fintech leading the way in the UK market; using innovation and technology to provide valuable technical infrastructure to new entrants to the payments arena.

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