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Lerex Technology partners with DANT(FINNEXT) for first crowdfunding application between relatives!

Updated: May 16, 2023

DANT(FINNEXT) is a participatory alternative finance solution, which promotes the financial inclusion of as many people as possible. DANT(FINNEXT) is a peer to peer lending company and their platform allows for the pooling of your savings and your friends to accelerate the financing of projects together.

“Through our service offerings and in our internal functioning, we strive to promote financial, social, economic and wage inclusion at all levels.” DANT(FINNEXT)

Safety and trust is paramount to DANT(FINNEXT), your data is confidential and is not shared with any third party. "We use technology and digital as levers to offer secure, accessible and efficient financial services for our users." Lerex Technology shares the ethos as DANT(FINNEXT), this belief system of transparency and inclusion makes for a great partnership

'Lerex is delighted to be associated with such an innovative product. Lerex has always been very supportive of start-ups and our commitment to supporting new businesses is further demonstrated through this new relationship’. -CEO Richard Ney


DANT(FINNEXT) as a collective financing tool puts people back at the center of finance. It encourages finance to be easily accessible and collaborative. DANT(FINNEXT) employs efficient innovation to help people achieve their financial goals.

About Lerex Technology

Lerex Technology was founded as a card company in 2017. In early 2020 the company became a B2B payment solutions provider; supplying full end to end infrastructure and support for corporate clients wishing to go to market with their own prepaid payment solutions and digital accounts.

Lerex is a great example of a dynamic fin-tech leading the way in the UK market; using innovation and technology to provide valuable technical infrastructure to new entrants to the payments arena.


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