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Dialect partners with Lerex Technology to better support cardholders

Updated: May 16, 2023

Dialect, a UK-based customer support specialist, has partnered with Lerex Technology to provide better support to card holders.

Richard Ney, CEO of Lerex Technology, said: “Our partnership with Dialect will help our clients to provide an excellent level of support that can be multi-channel, multi-lingual and consistent with their own brand. That’s why we loved the Dialect proposition from day one.”

Lerex Technology is a payment-provider whose services include prepaid cards, digital accounts solutions and access to payment rails such as Faster Payments and SEPA. In addition, Lerex also offers front-end technology; enabling business payments and consumer challenger banks to come to market quickly and easily.

Neil Wake, Co-founder and CEO of Dialect, said: “Lerex supports a number of innovative programmes which are well aligned with the Dialect service offering. This partnership will allow us to continue growing our customer base.”

With this partnership, both companies aim at improving the overall level of support that cardholders will receive.

About Dialect

UK based and established in 2020, Dialect provides a simplified customer experience solution enabling program managers and issuers to support their cardholders and wider card eco-system queries with ease and flexibility via our omni channel platform and multi-lingual teams.

About Lerex Technology

Lerex Technology was founded as a card company in 2017. In early 2020 the company became a B2B payment solutions provider; supplying full end to end infrastructure and support for corporate clients wishing to go to market with their own prepaid payment solutions and digital accounts.

Lerex is a great example of a dynamic fintech leading the way in the UK market; using innovation and technology to provide valuable technical infrastructure to new entrants to the payments arena.

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