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Lerex Technology is delighted to announce that FIBONATIX, global payment experts, have joined the Lerex community!

FIBONATIX is an experienced global payment service provider, regulated by the FCA, dedicated to supporting business growth and delivering the right payment solutions to meet your needs.

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Lerex Newsletter #2

Lerex Technology is delighted to share our second newsletter. We want to thank our readers for your continued support. 

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Lerex Technology is delighted to announce that Seapen, chose Lerex to unify payment services & solutions to customers globally! 

Seapen is a payment solutions company offering faster payments via an e-wallet and card programme for their consumers...

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Shopping Online: Why Using a Prepaid Virtual Card Is More Secure!

What are the benefits of using a Virtual Prepaid Card?

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Lerex Newsletter #1

Lerex is proud to introduce our first newsletter! We are thrilled to share with you company updates along with our continued growth and development.

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Open Banking, How Can We All Benefit From It?

Open Banking is the general term used to refer to the regulatory opening-up of the financial industry in most developed economies; the use of open APIs connecting banks, third parties, and technology providers...


Lerex Technology welcomes FRΞΞMΞN to our community, as the first all-in-one financial solution tailored to modern families like Millennial Parents, Gen Alpha and Gen Z!

FRΞΞMΞN is a financial service provider with the aim to offer an education on banking and financial services...


Lerex partners with DANT(FINNEX) for the first 
crowdfunding application between relatives

DANT(FINNEXT) is a participatory alternative finance solution, which promotes the financial inclusion of as many people as possible ...


What is Money Streaming and how can we all benefit from it?

We are all familiar with the concept of streaming; of downloading audio or video as we listen or watch. From a technical point of view, it is not much different from a traditional download ...


Lerex partners with ID-Pal for seamless customer onboarding

Lerex Technology has partnered with ID-Pal for their growing Identity Verification, e-Verification, AML Screening and KYC requirements...


Dialect partners with Lerex Technology to better support cardholders

Dialect, a UK-based customer support specialist, has partnered with Lerex Technology to provide better support to card holders...


ScribePay chooses Lerex for virtual card issuance

ScribePay, a revolutionary subscription management provider, has chosen Lerex Technology for virtual card issuance...


Lerex Technology Becomes The First Platform Worldwide To Provide Money Streaming

The company believes gig-economy, competition and consumers’ desire for instant consumption will drive the need for ‘streaming’ micro-payments...


Issuing Payment Cards Is Not Just For Banks

Most people think that issuing payment cards (credit, debit cards, etc.) is something that only banks do. But this is far from being the case.


Card issuance is one of the most active and innovative...


Working with Lerex, XONDER steps into corporate card issuance

Xonder, an established solution provider for merchants , has selected Lerex Technology as a key partner for corporate card issuance...


Lerex raises £1.5 million growth round

Lerex Technology, a payment solutions provider based in the UK, has secured a £1.5 million growth round from Angel investors...


The compliance mindset

Many customers perceive compliance as a black & white area. In practice, this isn’t always the case; there can be many shades of grey. In this short article...


PollenPay chooses Lerex

PollenPay, a UK-based Buy Now Pay Later offering, has selected Lerex Technology as a key partner for payment solutions...


What exactly is a Programme Manager?

We are often being asked what a Programme Manager is, and the difference between using one or integrating directly with a processor and BIN sponsor. Here is our short answer...


Sendit.Money partners with lerex

SendIt.Money, a mobile wallet solution for emerging markets, has selected Lerex Technology as a key partner for payment solutions...


Banking as a Service isn’t just about technology

When reading articles about Banking as a Service (BaaS), I have noticed that technology is usually the main focus, sometimes the only one. Exclusive focus on technology can be dangerous...


How to choose an e-money programme manager?

Choosing a business-critical supplier is always hard. You’re likely going to receive a number of promises, but will they deliver? You’ll receive great service during the sales process, but ...


Can your business benefit from a payment card programme

Have you ever wondered whether your business can benefit from providing customers with their own pre-paid cards? Would it help your marketing to have these ...


Prepaid, the steppingstone to a new economy

Prepaid cards have come a long way since their dark days many years ago. Once frowned upon, prepaid products are today....


Lerex selects Tribe Payments for issuer processing

A new partnership to drive prepaid card innovation through emerging technologies....


Management Spotlight

Craig MacKellar  - Head of Sales 

Lerex's Head of Sales, Craig MacKellar talks bout his position at Lerex, his experience in Sales and a bit on his life  outside of work....


Do you really want to build it?

You want to bring a payment solution to market.

What are the options?

You ultimately have two options: engage with all the different actors and build the technology to integrate them or ...

Management Spotlight

Management Spotlight

Barrie Ware - CTO

Lerex's Chief Technical Officer, Barrie Ware talks bout his position at Lerex, his industry experience and a bit on his life  outside of work....


The cause and effect of motivated employees in the workplace

As most of us adapt to working from home & changes to our working environment, we asked our friends at High Five Rewards to highlight the importance of having motivated employees in the workplace...


Staying one step ahead of compliance

Lerex understand the importance of compliance, which is why we work with Neopay  to ensure we are always one step ahead...

Business Meeting

Prasos select Lerex as a strategic payments provider

Lerex are pleased to announce Finland based company Prasos Oy have selected them to help bring their innovative payment solutions to market for a growing digital payments industry. 


The Impact of Covid-19 on Business

This time last month Roberto Rivero shared his thoughts on what would have happened 30 years ago had Covid-19 struck then. A month on and we are now seeing the impact the virus is having on businesses & individuals worldwide, so I wanted to catch up with Roberto about the future and what he thinks the impact will be on the various businesses he is involved in…

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CEO of the Month - Richard Ney

Richard Ney, CEO of Lerex talks to Aquisition International magazine about the importance of providing every customer with the same impeccable level of care & support to achieve their own success...


Lerex launches as payment solution provider

Lerex Technology, a payments technology provider in the UK announced their official
launch today. Lerex will be providing full end to end ...


What if Covid-19 happened 30 years ago?

I will declare up front that I have always been a big fan of technology, especially in the workplace. I love the way something new can arrive and reshape processes ...


Choosing the right technology partner

Choosing a mission critical technology supplier can be a difficult decision. Pricing, features and contract terms are often reviewed in detail, but I have witnessed first-hand ...


Choosing The Right Partner in Payments

Choosing the right prepaid card programme manager can be a daunting experience. Lerex Technology has recently come across several negative comments regarding how inconsistent...

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