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The cause and effect of motivated employees in the workplace

As many of us adapt to working from home & changes to our working environment, we asked our friends at highfive Recognition & Rewards to highlight the importance of having motivated employees in the workplace...



First the bad news, it has been proven that if employees are working in a negative environment, they are more likely to have higher absenteeism, more accidents and health problems and make more errors in their work. Why would any employer want this for their business or employees?


High levels of stress caused by toxic workplaces leads to disengagement which results in poor performance and work output, this in turn affects the performance of a business and its bottom line. According to FastTrack360, 71% of managers say that employee engagement is critical to their business’ success and Gallup reported that a highly engaged workforce is 21% more profitable.


To add to this, a business must remember that there are now many online review sites where previous employees can write in depth about how they were treated and whether, in their opinion, it was a good place to work or not. One or two of these bad reviews can perhaps be attributed to isolated cases but a pattern is definitely emerging for some businesses causing irreparable damage to the brand and its reputation. What motivated and successful job seeker would apply to a company like this? 


A positive work culture and motivated employees provide better results for a business. Happier employees are more productive, and the workplace is a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. Gallup reported that engaged workforces experienced 41% lower absenteeism rates.


A positive work culture where the employees are happy and satisfied can do wonders for a business resulting in:


  • Employee satisfaction

  • Positive work culture

  • Energy filled workforce

  • A unified team

  • Creativity and innovation in ideas

  • Higher productivity

  • Increased financial results

  • Employees being loyal and wanting to stick around (interviewing and hiring is costly both in terms of money and time).


This is why many companies are now focusing on the well-being of their employees. All sorts of wellness incentives are being offered many focussed towards the fitness aspect of wellbeing as this is proven to improve both physical and mental health. Other incentives such as employee engagement programmes are also being used to great effect, especially now in lockdown. Keeping employees engaged remotely is harder but can be helped with employee reward and recognition applications.


The current lockdown situation as a result of Covid 19, is testing businesses and employees and it is definitely harder to gauge employee sentiment over video chat but by checking in regularly, it may make employees feel more included and less lonely.


Perhaps surprisingly, it has been widely reported that staying focused on the job at hand has not been as difficult as expected but the motivation of employees is being affected through stress and worry.


There are many ways in which colleagues can stay engaged, in touch and motivated, these include:


  • Team huddles—using Zoom, Slack or Teams for face to face engagement

  • Team exercise challenges e.g. as a team complete £100k steps each week and track progress on Strava (or other App)

  • Training and professional development opportunities, setting new projects and training opportunities.

  • Picking up the good old fashioned telephone to say hello.

  • Sending individual e mails of encouragement to employees.

  • Light-hearted WhatsApp groups where you share jokes and funny stories

  • Access to coaching support can be a great tool for employee motivation. Speaking with a skilled and impartial person who helps with clarity and motivation.

  • Recognition and rewards – recognising employees for the good work they are doing either through feedback or in receiving a gift.


It has become apparent that although highly effective, video and zoom meetings are becoming tiresome to some and many are finding it difficult to collaborate and communicate online, so backing this up with a fun and friendly reward and recognition application, may help with this communication.


Highfive rewards is a simple to use solution which enables employers and employees to recognise each other for qualities, behaviours and values demonstrated in the workplace (wherever that place may be). The recognition can be given either through positive feedback or a monetary reward via a digital Mastercard.


When setting up the application, which can be used via a browser or an App on a smartphone, any number of recognition points can be entered e.g. teamwork, client care, continuous improvement, birthdays and long service awards, are just a few of the examples.


Employee recognition and saying “thank you” to employees has an incredible effect on morale but saying thank you via the highfive app also allows the person giving the feedback to say why they are recognising the employee and for what reason. This adds another level to the thank you and makes employees feel even better.


Employee recognition is important both for the well being and positivity of the employee, but also to improve output, increase employee retention and lower the need to recruit to fill the gaps left by leavers. Retaining and motivating an existing employee is a far more cost-effective use of funds, resources and time than recruiting new employees because the existing workforce does not feel valued.  When employees and their work is valued, their satisfaction and productivity rise, and they are motivated to maintain or even improve their current performance.


If you would like to know more about highfive rewards, available for desktop and mobile, which is helping with motivation and collaboration of employees all over the UK and now internationally, contact Simon Berry on 07470 301913 for a free demonstration.

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