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Lerex Management Team Spotlight
Barrie Ware – CTO


How long have you worked for Lerex?


I stared in November 2018


What is involved in your role as CTO?

My main role involves management, ownership & development of our products.

Technical Leader: Hiring of IT professionals, coaching & mentoring, and looking at ways to improve the architecture and products
Problem solving & championing the tech, ensuring the deliverables are met - Time management.

Maintaining the Roadmap for IT


What drew you to Lerex originally?

Having worked in the payments industry for the past 10 years, working initially for a startup and seeing it grow and become part of a global $1billion Company, I then felt it was time to look for a new challenge that would take advantage of my business and technical skillset. When I first heard about Lerex I knew my experience would be well suited & combined with the excitement of being a startup, the potential to deliver a great product and be part of its journey was key to my decision to join.



Tell us a bit about your career before joining Lerex?

I have spent over 20 years working in IT with a software development background.  I have always been interested in problem solving and delivering solutions that automates a manual task or provides visibility and simplifies complex processes.  Before Lerex I was working in the payments industry managing the software development team globally, travelling the world including London, Melbourne, Toronto, Calgary & Dallas, project managing & implementing our in-house developed products


What is on your wish list for the next 5 years with Lerex?

To be involved in the journey and growth of Lerex, and be part of the company’s success.  Being a startup seeing the customer base grow and be part of our journey is the main wish.
From a tech perspective, continuing to grow our product offering and providing simple and easy to use functions that behind the scenes are managing a lot of the complexities and manual processes without a customer having to concern themselves with this. Continuing to take advantage of new technologies and new ways to deliver products such that it becomes more scalable, easier to deploy with minimum risk.

What is your favourite part of working for the company?

The team. We are a small group that have solid backgrounds that work well together; we are all strong willed, enjoy a laugh and before the virus, socialising! We also all have the same target, which is to make Lerex succeed.

Now, a little about you….

What Three words to best describe you?

I don’t like to lose – not 3 words but sums it up!

Strong-minded, Problem-solver, Sociable


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Squash, Walking, Gym, Catching up with Friends

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be & why?

Racing driver!

I enjoy fast cars & track driving.  You are always learning and improving, looking at different ways to maintain speed and smoothness. 

What are the main career lessons you have learned thus far?

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you are still learning new things every day.


Where did your interest in tech come from?

I have always been interested in tech from the moment I was given a spectrum 48k.  It was new, did things I had not seen before, and came with a programming language that let you have a go…and so it started.


What technology are you most excited about right now?

With homeworking becoming more prevalent since the virus, I am excited about how homes can connect, continue to perform with high performance and availability, as everyone in the household fights for the bandwidth. And, at the same time it enables everyone to keep in contact and continue to move the business forward.

It has become clear during this time that people on fibre with fast speeds are seeing the benefit, but it isn’t all down to fast speed. If you don’t have a good router and Wi-Fi it is no better than your standard telephone broadband.  Combine Home mesh wifi systems with a good broadband and you have the performance and availability of being in the office.  Small improvements for great gains.

This is just a prime example in IT that nothing stands still, if you don’t move ahead with new technology it becomes slow and unstable with manual workarounds.  This is what is so exciting about technology, it is always moving.

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